Welcome to the portfolio of Dutch composer Gijs van der Heijden.

[ last update: 2014 Jul 15 ]

2014 Jul 15 ::: Pling-Plong II
Liedje voor Hummeltje — I haven't composed in a while, but I wanted to make an exception for two very good friends of mine. I wrote this miniature as their wedding gift for their baby, who was not yet born at the time. This was going to be be the very first music he ever heard in his entire life. My cat, Teun, was very interested in the concept.

2014 Jun 01 ::: Pling-Plong
Made a teeny miniature for punch card music box. Gaudeamus Muziekweek welcomed the newly installed City Council Members of Utrecht with this as a small gift. Attentive listeners will notice it's actually the melody from Kinderhof.

2013 Oct 4 ::: Interview
Interview by Aad van Nieuwkerk about two of my pieces that were performed during the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2013: Our Primary Differences and Capriccio tagliato. Watch the vid to stare at my yapping face for 13 minutes.

2013 Jun 27 ::: Quality vodka
I have been selected for the International Young Composers Academy in Russia. I'll be drinking quality vodka and attending lessons, lectures and concerts in Chaykovsky, Perm and eventually Moscow for three full weeks coming September and October. Oh, and I'll be bringing a new composition, to be discussed, worked on and performed over there — and still to be started on over here.

2013 Feb 11 ::: All in good time
This announcement is loooong overdue, but Our Primary Differences has been nominated for the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2013 jury selection. Watch the vid and learn how not to present yourself for these kinds of things.

2012 Feb 26 ::: Good shit: it also happens
After bad news it's time for some good news. I won the Young Composers Meeting 2012! Orkest De Ereprijs really nailed my piece on the final concert, and beyond all my expectations (yes, those final chords are C major in 1st and 2nd inversion) I was awarded 1st prize, being a new commission for the ensemble for next year's meeting. Still, winning was nothing compared to that entire YCM week of rehearsals, lessons, lectures, beers, awesome food and awesome people. Loved it!

2012 Feb 16 ::: Shit: it happens
Bad news. Because of the unforeseen high difficulty of my commissioned work for the Netherlands Student Chamber Choir, I reluctantly had to decide to withdraw it from the concert program. All performances of A Collapsing Wavefunction of Violence have been cancelled. Although the level of performance was far from suitable for a concert, I was glad that I eventually decided to have the choir perform it once at their usual try-out. I learned a lot from the short rehearsal time we had, and the piece will definitely have its performance one day, rewritten with all the new experience and knowledge I gained from the project.

2012 Jan 25 ::: Looking further
February 24th my latest piece ABC's Trilobite Triacle will be premiered by Orkest De Ereprijs in the Young Composer's Meeting 2012. Also, I received a new commission by the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2012 to write for the European Contemporary Orchestra, a (con)temporary ensemble with an interesting line-up of percussion, electric guitar, accordion, keyboard and electric violin and cello.

2011 Dec 1 ::: Looking forward
Selected for the annual Young Composers Meeting 2012 by Orkest De Ereprijs! In February I will take part in a week full of workshops, rehearsals and concerts. Furthermore, my commissioned work for the Netherlands Student Chamber Choir has finally been finished, and will be performed a number of times in February/March, provided all goes well.

2011 Oct 29 ::: Manly stuff II
#1 Elite Male Choir de.fundo is gradually closing in on its collective climax of this season. November 15 we will kick off in a short sneak peek concert at Proeflokaal #91, and premiere my latest piece de.cupressu. Another three full-length concerts await.

2011 May 25 ::: Bachelor of the Universe
Yesterday I received my Bachelor's degree in Composition at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague! The exam committee graded me with an 8.5, giving me the green light to continue my studies in the Master course. Meanwhile I'm busy writing for NSK and the Storioni Trio, and I also started on a piece for #1 Elite Male Choir de.fundo.

2011 Jan 30 ::: New projects
Finally having finished my piece for Ensemble Modelo62, I now have two freshly new projects to work on: a piano trio composition workshop initiated by Dutch violinist nestor Jaring Walta — to be performed by the Storioni Trio and scheduled for Fall 2012 — and I just received the good news that I get to write the commissioned composition for the Netherlands Student Chamber Choir 2012 Project!

2010 Nov 28 ::: Modelo69
I am currently writing new material for Ensemble Modelo62. Yesterday I had a short, but very nice and inpiring reading session with them to try out some sketches I made. Can't wait to hear more! The concert is scheduled for February 7th.

2010 Oct 21 ::: He is casting a large bell
Tuesday October 26th, Mark Versteegen and I will do a 15 minute Proeflokaal gig at Theater Kikker, Utrecht. Expect a moodswinger, a piano, a toy piano, a guitar, a violin bow, an Akai Head Rush, a Korg Monotron, a cassette tape with the weirdest poem your mother will ever hear, and a large bell. Thing starts at 21:00.

2010 Oct 6 ::: Manly stuff
Thursday October 14th, #1 Elite Male Choir de.fundo will rock the secret archway of a docking basement under a canal bridge in Amsterdam at brug9 Klassiek. Show starts at 20:30!

2010 Oct 5 ::: Now I'm famous
I finally launched my website! I posted some pre-launch items below as well, just so this page doesn't look completely hopeless and empty.

2010 Sep 28 ::: P(l)aying the audience
Tees & Treeth received the audience award at the International Chamber Music Festival The Hague compostion contest finals! Millions of thanks to the girls of the Allegra Quartet and Akane Takada for performing.